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- Frequently Asked Questions -

Question 1

At Munster Regional Development 1 Level, what is the 100 IM QT and consideration times and where to achieve them? Are consideration times necessary for the other events also?

Answer 1

There is no pre-set qualifying time, but training times or times achieved at a Swim Ireland-licensed meet can be used. NT’s will not be permitted for the 100 IM. Consideration times will also be necessary for other events and they must be achieved at a Swim Ireland-licensed competition from Level 1 upwards.


Question 2

If a swimmer finished last season (2018/19) at a particular standard, do they still hold onto that standard now, even though they may not have all the published qualifying times required to compete at the new standard times?

Answer 2

Due to the fact that no prior notice was given to swimmers within the region that this would occur, a compromise or transition period will be facilitated to allow swimmers to compete at the level they finished last season in, up until December 31st 2019, HOWEVER the new criteria will kick-in fully from January 1st, 2020 and swimmers will only be allowed compete in the level which their qualifying times state that they are at, at that time.


Question 3

If a swimmer finishes SC season in December, having achieved a standard, does this still stand for LC season, if they age up? And are SC conversions allowed?

Answer 3

If a swimmer ages up, then they must achieve the new standards for their age. SC to LC conversions have already been completed and are outlined on the qualifying-time table so this is the only format which should be followed. If a conversion is required and allowed for a meet, that time should be sent to the Munster Recorder for conversion only.


Question 4

If a child has achieved their times in an event, are they precluded from swimming that race until they reach the next level?

Answer 4

No. This could limit swimmer’s chances of racing their best events, especially when they may need opportunities to race them leading up to Summer Championships or if they risk running those best times out of the 15 months expiry date. They may not always choose to race those events in which they already have the qualifying time for the next standard in, but they shouldn’t be excluded from doing so either. Most exclusions in this scenario should only occur when a meet is over-subscribed, and swimmers may need to drop one or two events so that the meet can adhere to timelines.


Question 5

If not relegated this year, but a swimmer does not have all consideration times for Regional Qualifying meets, can they go back to level 2 to get them?

Answer 5

Firstly, the times required for the 200 Free and 200 IM, the 100m stroke events and the 100m IM are all “Qualifying Times”, not Consideration Times. Consideration times will be used for all other events (400Free, 100 Free, etc.) and these are detailed in the qualifying-time table.

Secondly, swimmers will only compete at the level in which they have achieved the full criteria for and will no longer be able to compete at multiple levels within the region.


Question 6

Development 2 Galas – ‘However, to swim in any 100m event, swimmers must already have an official 50m time in that particular event from any Swim Ireland Licensed gala within the last 15 months’ – does that mean an electronic time or does it mean it has to be the level 1 time for age?

Answer 6

All times must be achieved at a Swim Ireland-licensed gala achieved within the last 15 months. For Development 1, Level 1 licensed galas, but for Development 2 and above they must be from Level 2 or higher licensed galas.


Question 7

Will swimmers be able to swim 2 x 100’s and 2 x 200’s at each gala, as over the last number of years they can only swim one at each gala, due to time constraints?

Answer 7

Yes, however only depending on time availability. If timing will be an issue at a particular meet then the gala recorder can request swimmers entered in the 2 x 200m events (Freestyle and IM) to drop one of them and the swimmer/coach can then decide which one they will drop this time and may have the opportunity to swim the other 200m event at the next gala. It is advisable to only enter one of the 200m targeted events (200Free or 200IM) when entering Regional Qualifying meets so that these competitions can be ran effectively and efficiently while also minimising the need to exclude swimmers from certain 200m Free or IM events due to over-subscription.


Question 8

Can split times be used from events to achieve a Munster Regional Qualifying Meet time or Development Meet time?

Answer 8

Yes, once they have been attained within the last 15 months at the correct level Swim Ireland-licensed competition. The aim is for swimmers to attain their selected qualifying times in the actual event and not through a ‘split-time system’ which can add extra work when completing entries to any meet.


Question 9

Is the 100m IM event also included in the Regional Qualifying meet SC competitions up until Dec 31st each season?

Answer 9



Question 10

Munster Championships – if a swimmer has achieved a consideration time can they swim at this event if they have not qualified out of Development galas?

Answer 10



Question 11

What is the expiry date for times achieved by swimmers at galas?

Answer 11

15 months

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