Gerry Ryan UPDATE



Dear Clubs,

Thank you all for your entries to our Gerry Ryan Gala. We are delighted so many of you and your swimmers will be attending.

Due to the high number of entries, we have had to make some minor changes to the session structure in order that as many of your clubs’ swimmers as possible can participate.

  • There are now 5 sessions in total – 1 Friday evening, 2 Saturday and 2 Sunday
  • Female 200 F/C has moved to Sunday afternoon in place of Female 200 F/Y which has moved to Saturday afternoon
  • Male 50 Br/S has moved to Saturday morning
  • Female 50 Br/s has moved to the start of Saturday afternoon.

Please review new session format and times in attached updated Gala Pack – click this link. 

We hope that these changes will not impact on your swimmers’ entries, however if they do please get in touch by Saturday evening if you can as program goes for printer layout on Sunday. Apologies for the short notice with this, but we have been working with Munster swimming on ensuring a safe and successful gala for all until now.


Warm Ups:

See above the schedule of warm ups by club for both Saturday and Sunday morning. Please attend correct session to avoid overcrowding. Note: coaches or team managers must supervise all warm-ups


Other notes:

  • Technical Meeting will take place in the Pool Class Room at 8:15am on Saturday morning. A coach or team manager must be present from each club.
  • Cannon event will not take place.
  • Team Manager and Coaches ID badges for poolside access, can be collected from the LSC Desk in the main UL Arena Reception on Friday evening and Saturday morning.
  • Heat sheets can also be collected at this desk
  • Call rooms are located in the 3 squad changing rooms in UL. Please ensure your swimmers are familiar with this location.
  • All 50s will start at the turn end of the pool

We look forward to welcoming you all to Limerick for our Gala on 18th of Jan. Safe traveling.

Yours in Sport,
Deirdre Kearney,
Gala Secretary


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