Finishing/Starting Dates – Summer 2023

SquadFinish DateStart Back Date
GLOFISHFriday, 26th MayFriday, 8th September
SWORDFISHFriday, 2nd JuneFriday, 8th September
MARLINSSaturday, 3rd JuneSaturday, 9th September
SAILFISHSunday, 28th MaySunday, 10th September
Dolphins can train with sharks on Saturday, 3rd June, Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th if they wish
Tuesday, 30th MayTuesday, 5th September
Selected Sharks can train with Torps from Thursday, 8th June until Sunday, 2nd July
Wednesday, 7th JuneTuesday, 5th September
Combined training starts on Thursday, 8th June and finishes on Sunday, 2nd July.
Schedule will be sent to WhatsApp groups.
Training dates in July for Irish Summer Championship swimmers will be sent at a later date.
Starting back on Tuesday, 5th September

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