Tough competition at UL long course meet

Just last weekend Fermoy Swimming Club set off to UL to compete at a long course qualifying meet (ie swimming in a 50m pool as opposed to short course which is swam in a 25m pool).

This was a qualifying meet, which means that swimmers could qualify for our national meets in the summer – if they could swim fast enough! All the clubs in Munster and Connaught were there with their best swimmers.

Luca Salvatori was our first swimmer up and yes, he did swim fast enough. Swimming a 2.47 sec personal best he made his division 2 time which qualifies him to swim at our national division 2 gala in July. He later went on to swim a PB in the 100m free, back and the 100m breaststroke where he has also secured his Div 2 time.

Next swimmer up was Jodie Baker who already had her division 1 time for her 200m free but knocked a further 1.67 secs off her PB. She did the same in the 50m free, breaking the 29 sec time by achieving 28.85 secs. Jodie was the winner of our only two medals with a silver in the 50m free and a bronze in the 100m free, showing just how high the standard was.


Adam O’Grady was very unlucky with his 100m breast when his goggles came off during his start and landed around his nose, restricting his breathing –he could not remove them as he would have been disqualified – he swam on to hit just under his PB which is a div 2 time but he was chasing the division 1 time. Next time Adam.

FERMOY ON TOUR: The dedicated group of Fermoy swimmers who competed in UL last Sunday. Back l-r: Ryan Ates, Jodie Baker, Adam O’Grady, Zoe Daniels Howard, Coach Jackie Power and Sophie Baker. Front l-r: Adam Duggan, Sam O’Brien, Melina Pyrovolaki, Eabha Burke, Zach Daniels-Howard, Naoise Hegarty and Amy Hawe.


Fiona Miao swam in the 200m & 100m back. She swam a fantastic first 50m in this race but just could not hold it in the second, a great effort Fiona. She swam a personal best in 100m breaststroke.

Amy Hawe had a very busy weekend swimming in the 100m fly, 100m breast, 100m back, 100m free, 50m free and 200m IM. She gained a lot of PBs in long course and a lot of experience.

Sophie Baker swam a PB in her 100m breaststroke, where she already has her div 2 time and got nearer with a PB in both the 50m free and 200m IM. Alice O’Donnell also swam a PB in her 100m breast where she too has her div 2 time and also PBd in her 50m & 100m free.

The ever-energetic Eabha Burke had a great meet with a PB in her 100m breast, 50m free and rounded off the day with a fantastic 11.85 sec PB in her 200m IM.

Naoise Hegarty was very nervous lining up for her first race, the 100m breaststroke. She used these nerves well by putting in a tremendous performance, swimming beautifully to gain not only a 2.37 sec PB but also gaining her div 2 time. She also swam very well in the 100m back and 200m IM.

William Verling was also in great form swimming to his Div 2 time in his 100m free and a super PB in his 100m back.

Ryan Ates swam a 1.59 PB in his 100m free, bettering that in his 100m back by knocking off 2.92 secs and gaining his div 2 time and -1.84 secs in his 100m breast where he already had his Div 2 time. He also had the energy to swim in the 200m IM.

Zach Daniels-Howard had a cracking first race with the 100m free knocking off no less than 3.91 secs. He also swam in 100m back and the 200m fly, an exhausting race at long course as you don’t get the breather at the turn.

Adam Duggan swam his 100m free followed by a first 100m back at long course. Saving his best till last he gained a PB in his 100m breaststroke, now just 1.5 secs off his div 2 time.

Zoe Daniels-Howard swam a PB in her 50m & 100m free, getting closer and closer to adding these to her breaststroke division 1 times.

Margaret Verling was our youngest swimmer at just 10 years of age, she swam a feisty race in her 50m free, gaining a very respectable time.


Sam O’Brien was off to a flying start in his 200m IM. He took an amazing 7 plus secs off his time. He also swam well in his 100m breaststroke.

Grace Duggan swam her first 100m backstroke at long course and achieved a great 1.05 PB in her 100m free.

Melina and Nefeli Pyrovolaki both swam in the 100m back, gaining great experience at this gala with Nefeli also swimming her first 100m free at a long course meet.

Well done to all the swimmers, parents and coaches who endured a long and hot weekend. Thank you to all the parents who helped support not only the swimmers and coaches but also the running of the Meet. Thanks to Coach Warren for his help and support on the Saturday and to Coach Jackie for hers on Sunday.(report JP).

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