Safeguarding Policy: Camera Devices

Attached is a new safeguarding policy regarding Camera Devices April 2022. This is a new policy rule about having camera devices in changing areas, and is valid with immediate effect. 

Just as background for you, this policy rule has come about due to the increasing numbers of reports of camera devices being used in changing areas. These reports include young people having images taken of them whilst changing which results in a Gardai/PSNI investigation. In some cases the Gardai/PSNI have been unable to identify the perpetrator, and in others there has been an identification made.

For anyone, having an image of you taken whilst undressed or changing is distressing and causes anxiety regarding the intended use of such images. In some cases the identified perpetrator has been a young person, and this has its own consequences for that young person, regardless of the reason for taking the image/images. 

We want to ensure young people feel safe coming to and leaving their sport; this policy rule closes the potential risk for images to be taken by our members in a changing area; however we cannot alleviate the risk from members of the public using the same space, and young people will still need to be vigilant to this.

If you have any questions please contact Kate Hills, who will answer your questions.   

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