Clarification on Rules and Regulations

Munster Competitions Committee 
Clarification on Rules and Regulations as agreed at the AGM 2016

Meet Conditions : The following meet conditions will apply to all competitions and should be read in conjunction with the Munster Competition Rules (which can be found at the bottom of this document).

  1. Relays – One swimmer may swim up in age, but must remain in that age group for all relays in the competition.
  2. Entry Times –In line with Swim Ireland policy all entry times must have been achieved within the previous fifteen months.
  3. Electronic Times – As and from September 2016 only times achieved where electronic timing was used will be accepted for all competitions above Grade “B” standard.
  4. Age Up Date – It was agreed that Munster would follow SI policy and the age up date would be 31st. December in the year of the competition.
  5. Age for Competition-  Swim Ireland policy states that swimmers should not compete until they are seven years of age. It was agreed that for future galas where there are age group this would be included in the conditions.
  6. Closing Dates –Agreed that all closing dates would be three weeks before the competition.
  7. Entries on the Day – This was discussed and it was agreed that these could be taken at the discretion of the referee in certain situations. It was also agreed that submitted entries for Grade1 and Championship events would be returned to the clubs for verification, amendments etc. before the competition which should eliminate the requests for entries on the day.
  8. DQ’s at Grade C – At present there is no policy regarding DQ’s at Grade “C” level. It was agreed that swimmers would be given the benefit of the doubt where minor stroke violations were concerned, but disqualifications would be imposed in other cases.

 Galas 2016/17.

Development galas : These were agreed as a stepping stone to Grade 3 galas.  Events to be 50m Back, Breast, Free and 25m Fly.  There would be no qt’s and swimmers would not be disqualified.  However, each club would be given a record of their swimmers who had committed stroke violations – this would ensure that the club was aware of the aspect of the stroke that should be corrected.  Swimmers would have to have two times from these galas before they were eligible to swim in Grade 3. In introducing these galas the slower heats in Grade 3 should be reduced, which will result in Grade 3 galas being more manageable

Graded Galas ;  It was agreed that the Graded galas be renamed as follows Grade C becomes Grade 3, Grade B becomes Grade 2, and Grade A becomes Grade 1.  Ages for Grades 2 & 3 to be 7-11, 12/13 and 14 +.

It was also agreed that qt’s /cut off times should be introduced for each age group.  These were discussed at length and the attached times were recommended. However, the introduction of qualifying times for each age group would only apply from September 2016.  Swimmers who had achieved times Grade “B” or Grade”A” times previous to this would remain in their respective Grading ie. Grade 2 and Grade 1.

The events were also discussed and it was agreed that Grade 2 & 3 remain as they were. However, the events that swimmers could enter in Grade 2 &3 were amended. A swimmer entering Grade 3 may enter 4 events  –  but is restricted to 1 of the 100m events,  swimmers entering a Grade 2 gala may enter 4 events but is restricted to 1 of the 200m events.

Grade 1 would have 100m in all four strokes, 200m in all four strokes, 200m Im, 400m Free and 400m IM.  It was recognised that these events may have to be split as it may not be possible to swim all the events at one gala.  It was also agreed to hold two distance events( 800m & 1500m Freestyle) per season. These may be held on an evening depending on pool availability.

Munster SC Championships – To be held on October weekend. 1500m Freestyle for Females and 800m Freestyle for Males to be included.  The recommendations of the Performance Committee were discussed and the following concerns were noted

  1. Qt’s – need to be looked at with regard to numbers, as we should not have too small a competition, from either a financial point or a competition point.
  2. HDW events – It was felt that this is a Championships event and finals should be swum. We could restrict finals to 50m and 100m events, but it was agreed that finals were important.
  3. Relays It was agreed to run mixed relays and also to run some relays at the start of sessions.

Munster LC Championships – The recommendations of the Performance Committee were agreed and will be implemented. The Performance Committee agreed that there should be 14&U and 15&O qualifying times for this gala.  Males 15%, Females 12% of ILC times. Only one set of medals will be presented..

Munster Age Groups Div 2 – There will be no Friday session, and the Friday events will be slotted into Saturday and Sunday.

Munster/Connacht Age Groups – All events to be HDW.



  1. Closing date – NO ENTRIES AFTER THIS DATE.   Fees MUST be paid prior to the competition.
  1. Posting sheet1 day competitions – To be posted for the entire competition 45 minutes before the start of the first session.

2 Day Competitions – Withdrawals for the first day must be made 45 minutes prior to the start of the session.  Withdrawals for the subsequent sessions must be made prior to the advised time on the previous day.

  1. No Shows – Where a swimmer is NOT scratched, and fails to swim the club is fined €10 per swim. A swimmer will not be subject to a fine in the event that they produce a doctor’s certificate to Munster within 72 hours of the end of the competition. A swimmer who has been withdrawn from an event due to injury or illness will not be eligible to compete in the remainder of the competition.
  2. Officials – Clubs must provide one official per six swimmers up to a maximum of three officials per session.  Where clubs are providing two officials per session, one of these must be a turn judge. The host club must provide a minimum of two stroke judges, director of timekeepers, one call steward and computer operator.

Failure of a club to provide the required officials will result in a fine of €50 per official per session.

Clubs MUST name their officials on the scratch sheet when these are being returned.

Managers – Clubs MUST indicate on their scratch sheets the person who is responsible for their swimmers for the relevant competition.


  1. Qualifying times for all Munster competitions with the exception of Grade 2 and Grade 3 must be achieved in open competition where electronic timing has been used.  Times achieved outside of these competitions will not be accepted
  1. Clubs will be forwarded a list of swimmers and their entries prior to the gala.  Any amendments or alterations must be returned by the specified date.  NO alterations or amendments will be accepted at the gala.
  1. Clubs must advise the table of the names of their relay teams when posting their scratch sheets. Only one relay per club per event is permitted.
  1. Swimmers who wish to withdraw from a final must do so within 20 minutes of the announcement of the final.  Failure to withdraw from a final ( which will deprive another swimmer ) will result in a fine of €20


    1. Amendments will be at the discretion of the gala organizer and referee.

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