Regional Short Course Championships




Times for this gala must have been achieved since 28 October, 2016.

The warm up for this competition will commence at 12 noon on Saturday.

Please note the following in relation to the Munster SC Championships.
1. Entries – All entries have been accepted. However, this results in a very large gala so we would urge clubs to please ensure that they post scratch sheets on time. Scratch sheets for morning session must be posted by 9.15 am on Saturday and Sunday. Scratch sheet for afternoon sessions should be posted at the start of the previous finals session or as announced.
2.  No Shows – Where a swimmer is NOT scratched but fails to swim the club will be fined E25 per event. This fine will be imposed and entries for the following gala will not be accepted until the fine has been paid.
3. Officials – Clubs are asked to ensure that all rostered officials are on time as the gala needs to run promptly. Failure of a club to provide the rostered officials will result in a fine of E50 per official per session.
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