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Torpedoes – Saturday, 3rd September:
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6.00-7.30am and Saturday 6.00-8.00am.

Sharks – Saturday, 3rd September:
Tuesday 5.45-6.45pm, Wednesday 5.00-5.45pm and Saturday 8.00-10.00am.

Dolphins – Tuesday, 6th September:
Tuesday 5.00-5.45pm and Sunday 8.45-10.45am.

Swordfish – Friday, 9th September:
Friday 5.00-5.45pm

Marlins – Saturday, 10th September:
Saturday 10.00-10.45am

Sailfish – Sunday, 11th September:
Sunday 8.00-8.45am

Glofish – Friday, 9th September:
Glofish 1: Friday 5.50-6.25pm
Glofish 2: Friday 6.25-7.00pm
Glofish 3: Friday 7.00-7.35pm

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